Day 5 – 29 July 2017

I did not journal at all yesterday. It was one of those shittastic days during which one starts to imagine the karma from previous lifetimes that brings one to this point in the here and now.

Here is a brief run-down:

  • Water heater in the unit above us cracked, sending gallons of water through our loft ceiling. It took 30 minutes to reach our neighbor for him to come home and turn off the water supply.
  • Whilst trying to get home from work to said home issue, a ride-share driver told me to “relax” after I spilled tea all over myself. (Note to men whom encounter me: telling me to “relax” is akin to telling me to “smile”. You have been duly warned.)
  • Lunch is delayed for said home issue, resulting in my getting hangry.
  • Do you know when you go out to eat, because your family is depleted and you just need to be taken care of but you get the server who really doesn’t want to be at work that day and you spend 90 minutes trying to get someone’s attention who’s laughing with his friends at the bar? Yep. That.
  • Do you know when one attempt at trying to recover a bad day (e.g., dinner at a restaurant) fails and you try again (e.g., sitting at neighborhood tavern patio), thinking that you can get the day back on the rails but then that TOO fails? Yep. That.

At 19:48, The Hub and I walk back into our apartment to see kitchen cupboard contents littering the counters, towels still waiting to be laundered and the smell of wet wood permeating our apartment. It was at that moment that we surrendered to “It’s been a shitty day”, resolved to forgive one another for any “snapping” for the remainder of the day and rented The LEGO Batman Movie and played the game of “guess whose voice that is”.

I crawl into bed exhausted and ready to start anew. While I hit the sugar again (a cookie that was so not worth it [sigh]) after a failed attempt at dinner, I did pretty d’mn good on a shittastic day. Sleep comes fast.

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